Monday, January 10, 2011

Not off to a very good start...

Well, it's nearly a week since my last post. Please don't take that to mean that my blogging resolution is on it's way out the window. Blogspot and I did not get off on the right foot! I sat down last Wednesday to post my Wordless Wednesday photo and the whole thing decided to lock up on me. After nearly an hour of fighting a technology battle (which by the way is often how I spend my working hours...), I gave up...and obviously, didn't find the patience to return until today. I have a renewed spirit and am looking forward to posting some good reading and thought provoking items going forward!

First off a little explanation on Wordless Wednesday, which my last post left you waiting for! I will post a picture on Wednesday. This picture may or may not have been taken that day, but it will be posted with no commentary from me. My hope is that the picture in and of itself will stir some sort of emotion...a smile, laughter until your stomach hurts, a memory of days gone by, or awe of simple beauty. I welcome your comments on these photos and can hardly wait to post my first one this week, since I missed last week!

Some of you know that I spent the better part of last year enrolled in Boot Camp after Boot Camp. These classes were a true test of my endurance, and I feel very proud of myself for completing 9 full months of this kind of routine, BUT my body just plain CRAPPED OUT, and said I'm not doing this any more. The getting up at 4:30 am three days a week for a 5:00 am class was just too much. The last class I attended was on Friday, October 1st. I missed going, but I resolved myself to the fact that a little less intensity would be a good change of pace. I tried to make it the gym regularly for awhile to hit the stair master and do a little weight training, but all in all I have been pretty INACTIVE for the past three months (except for taking the stairs at work...all of three flights!). Well, yesterday marked my return to the world of physical fitness. I walked through the doors of Lifetime Fitness with a renewed energy. I walked on the treadmill at a moderate pace for about 45 minutes and finished up with about 50 sit-ups. It's kind of sad, but I felt it today! Crazy how fast your body can revert to OUT OF SHAPE with a three month break! I have set some new goals for myself, and finally, after 10 years, none of them revolve around losing 10 pounds. You see, I have been chasing that same 10 pounds for a very long time, and I have decided that 2011 is the year that I am comfortable with carrying it forever it I have to. Let's be honest. If I lose it, I will ultimately find it again. This has been the vicious cycle for way too long. So my workouts now are going to have new purpose. I want to maintain my weight from this year forward and will continue to exercise now for the HEALTH of it. Walking, stair stepping, doing the elliptical are all good for my heart, my mental state and will aid in the prevention of a number of diseases as I continue to get older...which is way more important than dropping a jean size! 

I hope this post finds you motivated to do something for your well-being today!  (I wrote this entire post while huffing and puffing on my elliptical!  It certainly made the time go by faster!)

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